Mar 2024

CIRCA seminar March 14th

There will be a CIRCA lunchtime seminar on 14th March at 1pm in Theatre D of Maths.

Peiran Wu and Yayi Zhu will speak.

Peiran’s Title: Irredundant bases for classical groups

Peiran’s Abstract: Given a classical group G(V) over a finite field, a subgroup of G(V) is in Aschbacher class C_1 if it stabilises a subspace of V. I will talk about my ongoing search for bounds on irredundant bases of classical groups acting primitively with point stabilisers in C_1.

Yayi’s Title: Presentations for ideals in T_n
Yayi’s Abstract: The Green’s D relation on the full transformation semigroup T_n partitions T_n into n subsets, each containing all transformations of a certain rank. Any ideal I of T_n is a union of D-classes, and consists of all maps of rank 1, 2,…, m for some m no bigger than n. We investigate the presentations of the ideals. For some of them, we determine how large portion of their Cayley table is needed to define a ‘nice’ presentation.