NBSAN meeting in St Andrews

On July 13th, we hosted the meeting of NBSAN (North British Semigroups and Applications Network). It was organised by Julius Jonusas, and the speakers were Nick Gilbert, Zur Izhakian, Mark Kambites, Matt McDevitt and Munazza Naz. Slides of some talks from the meeting are available on the NBSAN website.

Visits and conferences – May 2017

  • The London Combinatorics Colloquia took place at Queen Mary University of London on 10th May, when Sophie Huczynska gave a talk “Graph classes under homomorphic image order”, and the following day at the London School of Economics. Whilst there Peter Cameron chaired a meeting of the British Combinatorial Committee, also attended by Nik Ruskuc.
  • Nik Ruskuc visited Robert Brignall at the Open University for a week to pursue their joint research project about the property of well quasi order in combinatorics.
  • Colin Campbell, Edmund Robertson and Nayab Khalid attended the 40th Groups in Galway meeting at NUI Galway from 18-20th May.

Semigroups 3.0 Hackathon

It’s been a long time coming, but Semigroups 3.0 is nearly ready for release.  We’re going to have a hackathon to squash all the remaining bugs, add documentation, replace TODOs, and generally polish and tweak the package until it’s ready to be released! The kick-off is at 11am on Monday May 29th in Maths Lecture Theatre D. Everyone is welcome to join!

Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham

Groups St Andrews 2017 takes place in Birmingham on August 5th-13th 2017. The talks will happen from 6th August until 12th August 2017 (inclusive). It will be followed by a satellite event – a tutorial on the computational algebra system GAP on August 13th-14th.


Notes on Counting

Peter Cameron’s book “Notes on Counting: An Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics” should be published by Cambridge University Press in June 2017, as part of the Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series. For further details, see Peter Cameron’s blog.

Third Scottish Combinatorics Meeting

The Third Scottish Combinatorics Meeting on 24-25th April was hosted by Sophie Huczynska and Nik Ruskuc. Rosemary Bailey was one of the invited speakers and Matt McDevitt also gave a talk. Other invited speakers included Robert Brignall, who gained his PhD in St Andrews PhD in 2007 and who now works at the Open University, as well as being our Subhonours External Examiner. Following the meeting, Robert stayed from 26-28th April to collaborate with Nik on well quasi ordered-ness of pattern classes of permutations. Another invited speaker, Maura Paterson from Birkbeck, University of London also stayed from 26-28th April to work with Sophie on external difference families and related topics.

Bob Gray’s visit

Bob Gray visited Nik Ruskuc from 10-12th April and gave a talk at the Pure Mathematics Colloquium. Bob was a St Andrews undergraduate and research student at St Andrews, taking his PhD in 2006 and is now a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

Workshop on groups, generalisations and applications

There will be a Workshop on Groups, Generalisations and Applications at the University of St Andrews on the afternoon of Thursday May 4, with talks by Ellen Henke, Murray Elder and Peter Cameron. 

Visitor Madeleine Whybrow: Constructing Majorana Representations in GAP

Madeleine Whybrow, a PhD student from Imperial College London, visited Markus Pfeiffer funded by CoDiMa to work on GAP code supporting her project on Majorana Algebras and the Monster sporadic simple group. She gave a talk on her work at the Pure Mathematics Colloquium. You can find a report on her visit here.

Soon in St Andrews: Combinatorics and BCTCS

The Third Scottish Combinatorics Meeting on 24-25th April 2017 will be held in St Andrews; this is the first time the meeting has been held here with the previous two in the series having taken place at the University of Glasgow. Attendance is free, but anyone who would like to attend is encouraged to register by emailing the hosts, Sophie Huczynska and Nik Ruskuc. This will be followed by the British Colloquium in Theoretical Computer Science from 26-28th April, to be hosted by Markus Pfeiffer.