CIRCA Report 2012

CIRCA students
Promotions and New Appointments
Research visits


Steve Linton
Ian Gent
Kevin Hammond
Sophie Huczynska
Ian Miguel
James Mitchell
Martyn Quick
Colva Roney-Dougal
Nik Ruškuc
Max Neunhöffer
Tom Kelsey
Collin Bleak

Senior Research Fellows

Alexander Konovalov
Chris Jefferson
Richard Parker

Research Fellows/Teaching Fellows

Peter Nightingale
Chris Brown
Vladimir Janic
Yann Peresse
Reimer Behrends
Tara Brough
Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson
Jeffrey Burdges


John McDermott
Angela Miguel

Honorary Research Staff

Edmund Robertson
Colin Campbell
John J O’Connor
Roy Dyckhoff

CIRCA Students


Vladimir Janjic
Arthur Geddes 
Jillian McPhee (nee Ferguson)
Lars Kotthoff 
Simon Craik 
Nina Menezes 
Markus Pfeiffer 
Nabilah Abu-Ghazalh 
Ozgur Akgun 
Jennifer Awang
Samuel Baynes
Ruth Hoffmann
Rachael Carey
Alexander McLeman
Anna Schroeder
Arunas Prokopas
Bilal Hussain

Promotions and New Appointments

Bilal Hussain


Markus Pfeiffer
Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson
Lars Kotthoff
Jillian McPhee


Major New Grants in 2011:

  1. Working Together: Constraint Programming and Cloud Computing IJ Miguel, M Dominik, A Barker: EPSRC EP/K015745/1, £630,232, 01/04/2013-31/03/2016.


Complete List of Current CIRCA Grants

  1. Working Together: Constraint Programming and Cloud Computing (2013-2016)
  2. The Structure of Permutation Classes, N Ruskuc (2011-2014)
  3. Solving Word Problems via Generalisations of Small Cancellation, CM Roney-Dougal, M Neunhoeffer, SA Linton (2011-2014).
  4. Representation Theory of Groups, N Ruskuc, (2011-2015)
  5. HPC-GAP: High Performance Computational Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, EPSRC: Linton SA, Gent IP and Hammond K. (2009-2013)
  6. A Constraint Solver Synthesiser, EPSRC: Miguel IJ, Balasubramaniam D, Dent IP, Kelsey T and Linton SA (2009-2014)
  7. Automata, Languages, Decidability in Algebra, EPSRC: Ruskuc N and Quick MR (2010-2013)
  8. EC: SCIEnce: Symbolic Computation Infrastructure for Europe. Linton, S. Hammond, K. (2006-2011)

Research Visits/Invited Talks


Manuel Delgado (Porto)
Vince Vatter (Florida)
Michael Albert (Otago, New Zealand)
Igor Dolinka (Novi Sad)
James East (Sydney University)
Hayrullah Ayik (Cukurova University, Turkey)
Gonca Ayik (Cukurova University, Turkey)
Frank Luebeck (Aachen)
Daria Policzew (Aberdeen)
Juan-Luis García Zapata
Victoria Gould (York)
Peter Mayr (Linz)
Gracinda Gomes (Lisbon)
Alan Frisch (York)
Andreas Distler (Lisbon)
Andreas Distler (Braunschweig)
George Havas (Queensland)
Alan Cain (Lisbon)
Patrick Prosser (Glasgow)


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  2. Beratarbide, E. & Kelsey, T. (2012) eHealth Governance in Scotland: a cross-sectoral and cross-national comparison In: eHealth: Ethical, Legal and Governance Challenges. Springer, p. 299.
  3. Balasubramaniam, D., Gent, I.P., Jefferson, C., Kotthoff, L., Miguel, I.J. & Nightingale, P. (2012)An Automated Approach to Generating Efficient Constraint Solvers, 34th International Conference on Software Engineering, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2012
  4. Cain, A. J., Ruskuc, N. & Thomas, R. (2012)Unary FA-presentable semigroups In : International Journal of Algebra and Computation.
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CIRCA Preprints

Ian Gent, An Optimality Result on Maintaining List Pointers During Backtracking Search
Peter Nightingale, Ian Gent, Chris Jefferson and Ian Miguel Short and Long Supports for Constraint Propagation