CIRCA Report 2007

CIRCA students
Promotions and New Appointments
Research visits


Steve Linton
Colin M Campbell
Ian Gent
Kevin Hammond
Sophie Huczynska
Roy Dyckhoff
Ian Miguel
James Mitchell
John J O’Connor
Martyn Quick
Edmund F Robertson
Colva Roney-Dougal
Nik Ruškuc
Chris Pickard
Andrews Mackenzie
Ulf Leonhardt

Senior Research Fellows

Max Neunhoffer
Tom Kelsey

Research Fellows

Alan Cain
Alexander Konovalov
Peter Nightingale


John McDermott
Angela Miguel

CIRCA Students


Neil Moore (2007-)
Fiona Brunk (2005-)
Yann Peresse (2005-)
Abram Connelly (2005-)
Andy Grayland (2006-)
Jon Bagnall (2007-)
Vladimir Janic (2007-)
Victor Maltcev (2007-)
Andreas Distler (2006-)
Hannah Coutts (2006-)
Andrea Rendl (2006-)
Yohei Negi (2007-)
Morteza Jafarpour (2003-)

Promotions and New Appointments

Max Neunhoffer


Lynn Hynd – to work as a Project Administrator in Physics


Major New Grants in 2007:

  1. EPSRC: Watched Literals and Learning for Constraint Programming EPSRC EP/E030394/1, 2007-2010. £432,356.

  2. Fibre-optical analogue of the event horizon. EPSRC EP/D061830/01 £670,499.

  3. Finiteness Conditions and Index in Semigroups and Monoids. EPSRC PDRF, EP/E043194/1 £203,056. .

  4. Proof Theory and Constraint Satisfaction. EPSRC EP/F031114/1 £44,237.

  5. Backtrack Search in Matrix Groups. Nuffield, £4,600.


Complete List of Current CIRCA Grants

  1. EC: SCIEnce: Symbolic Computation Infrastructure for Europe. Linton, S. Hammond, K. (2006-2011)
  2. EPSRC: Multidisciplinary Critical Mass in Computational Algebra and Applications. Linton, SA, Gent, IP, Miguel, I, Ruskuc, N, Quick, M, Robertson, E, Mackenzie, A, Leonhardt, U. (2005-2010)
  3. EPSRC/Royal Academy of Engineering: An Automated Constraint Modelling Assistant. Miguel, I. Research Fellowship. (2004-2009)
  4. Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship: Token Passing Networks and Pattern Classes of Permutations Huczynska, S. (2004-2008)
  5. EPSRC: Applications of Automata and Languages in the Theory of Pattern Classes of Permutations. Ruskuc, N, Linton, SA, Robertson, EF. (2004-2007)
  6. EPSRC: Refinement-Driven Transformation for Effective Automated Constraint Modelling. Miguel, I. & Gent, IP. (2006-2009)
  7. EPSRC: Symmetry and Search Network. Linton, SA, Smith, BM, Melham, TF, Gent, IP, Fox, M, Kelsey, TW. (2004-2007)
  8. EPSRC: Symmetry and Inference, Linton, SA, and Gent, IP. (2003-2006)
  9. EPSRC/Microsoft: CASE for New Academics Grant, Miguel, I. (2006-2009)
  10. EPSRC: Academic Fellowship. Mitchell, J. (2005-2010)
  11. Nuffield: Backtrack Search in Matrix Groups, Roney-Dougal, CM (2007-2008)
  12. EPSRC: Proof Theory and Constraint Satisfaction. Gent, IP. & Dykhoff, R. (2007)
  13. EPSRC: Watched Literals and Learning for Constraint Programming. Gent, IP & Miguel, IJ (2007-2010)

Research Visits

Steve Linton: Lisbon; Eindhoven; Waterloo, Canada
Alexander Konovalov: Waterloo,Canada
Nik Ruskuc: Dunedin, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia
Tom Kelsey: Montevideo, Uruguay; Birmingham; Imperial College, London
James Mitchell: Centre of Algebra, University of Lisbon; Leeds; Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
Ian Gent: Oxford; Birmingham; Imperial College, London
Sophie Huczynska: Pennsylvania State University
Max Neunhoffer: Aberdeen University
Colva Roney Dougal: Aachen


Michael Atkinson, Otago
Miklos Bona, Florida
Victor Bovdi, Debrecen
John Bray, Birmingham
U Darji, Louisville
Luis Descalco, Aveiro
Bob Gray, Leeds
Youssef Hamadi, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
George Havas, Queensland
Derek Holt, Warwick
Mark Kambites, Manchester
Elizabeth Kimber
Frank Lubeck, Aachen
Ayan Mahalanobis, Stevens Institute, New Jersey
Scott Murray, Sydney
Yohei Negi, UWA
Max Neunhoffer, Aachen
Justin Pearson, Uppsala
Richard Parker, Cambridge
Bruce Sagan, Michigan State
Akos Seress, Columbus
Mark Stather, Warwick
Rick Thomas, Leicester
Alexei Vernitski, Essex
Julian West, Victoria
Luke Woodward, Oxford
Mickael Gastineau, Institut de Mecanique, Celeste, Paris
Stuart Chalmers, Aberdeen
Standa Zivny, Oxford
Sergey Kitaev, Reykjavik
Einar Steingrimsson, Reykjavik
Robert Brignall, Bristol
Lucas Bordeaux, Microsoft Cambridge
Patrick Prosser, Glasgow
Chris Unsworth, Glasgow
Barbara Smith, Leeds
Karen Petrie, Oxford
Gabriel Landini, Birmingham
David Randall, Birmingham
Chris Jefferson, Oxford

Conferences Organised

International Symmetry Conference: 14th-17th January, 2007. Edinburgh, UK.

Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2007: 6th-8th June, 2007. St Andrews, UK.

Permutation Patterns 2007: 11th-15th June, 2007. St Andrews, UK.

Advanced GAP Workshop: 11th-15th September 2007. Braunschweig, Germany.


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  2. B. Assmann and B. Eick Testing polycyclicity of finitely generated rational matrix groups Mathematics of Computation 76, 1669-1682, 2007.
  3. R. A. Borzi, S. A. Grigera, J. Farrell, R.S. Perry, S. Lister, S. L. Lee, D. A. Tennant, Y. Maeno and A. P. Mackenzie Formation of a Nematic Fluid at High Fields in Sr3Ru2O7 Science 315, 214, 2007.
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CIRCA Preprints

Tom Kelsey Efectos de la Radioterapia Sobre el Ovario y el Utero
Victor Bovdi, Alexander Konovalov and Steve Linton Torsion Units in Integral Group Ring of the Mathieu Simple Group M22
Alexander KonovalovWreath Products in Modular Group Algebras of some Finite 2-Groups
Ian P Gent, Tom Kelsey, Steve Linton, Justin Pearson and Colva M Roney-Dougal Groupoids and Conditional Symmetry
Steve Linton and Alexander Konovalov Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (also known as Protocal X) Specification
Tom Kelsey The Automated Calculation of Human Ovarian Reserve
Victor Bovdi, Eric Jespers and Alexander Konovalov Torsion Units in Integral Groups Rings of Janko Simple Groups
Victor Maltcev On a New Approach to the Dual Symmetric Inverse Monoid I*X
Ganna Kudryavtseva and Victor Maltcev Presentation for the Partial Dual Inverse Symmetric Monoid
Volodymyr Mazorchuk and Victor Maltcev Presentation of the Singular Part of the Brauer Monoid
J. Araujo, P.V. Bunau and J.D. Mitchell Computing Automorphisms of Semigroups
M.H. Albert and S.A. Linton Growing at Perfect Speed
Steve Linton and Alexander Konovalov Symbolic Computation Software Composibility Protocol (SCSCP) Specification Version 1.0
S. Brett, T.W.Kelsey, W.H.B. Wallace and M. Rajkhowa Does 3D Ultrasound Measurement Improve the Assessment of Ovarian Volume?