CIRCA seminar 5th October

On 5th October at 1pm in Maths D, Peiran Wu will talk about Lean, the theorem prover. We’ll then discuss setting up a study group to put some group theory into Lean. All welcome.

First CIRCA seminar of the year

There will be a CIRCA seminar on Thursday 21st September at 1pm in Theatre D of Maths.

Ian Miguel will speak on Puzznic and Colva Roney-Dougal will count the subgroups of the symmetric group.

Ruth Hoffman wins EPSRC grant

Ruth has just been awarded £199211 by EPSRC for a grant called “Enhancing Group Search with Graph Techniques”. The grant will run from now until July 2025. Congratulations Ruth!

Visit of Arne Van Antwerpen

Arne Van Antwerpen will be here on 16/17/18 May, visiting Olexandr Konovalov.

Arne will give a CIRCA seminar on the Wednesday afternoon, 4-5 in Theatre C.

Title: Multipermutation solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation and nilpotency of skew braces

Abstract: This talk will be based on joint work with Eric Jespers and Leandro Vendramin. The class of multipermutation solutions is a particularly interesting class of solutions of the celebrated Yang-Baxter equation (coming from mathematical physics) with a beautiful combinatorial structure. It was shown that this class corresponds to right nilpotent skew left braces of nilpotent type. In this talk we delve deeper into this class of skew left braces and identify the class of centrally nilpotent skew braces. We discuss that these behave very similar to nilpotent groups and will identify several possible central series for these objects. If time permits, we use this class to illustrate several other key concepts of skew left braces. The talk will be rife with examples and exciting open problems.

All welcome!

Visit of Pascal Schweitzer

Pascal Schweitzer from TU-Darmstadt will visit CIRCA on Wednesday May 10th, and give a talk at 4pm in Maths C. All welcome.

CIRCA seminar

The final CIRCA seminar of the semester will be on 13th April, at 1pm in Theatre C of Maths.

Ian Gent will speak on A Dream Model for Black Hole

Murray Whyte will speak on Irredundant monoid presentations

All welcome

Remaining CIRCA seminars this term

The final two CIRCA seminars of term will be

Thursday 17th November: Finn Smith and Jacob Beaddie

Thursday 24th November: Michael Young and Peter Cameron. Note the unusual date for this one, and also that it will be in Purdie C rather than Maths.

CIRCA lunchtime seminars 2022

The seminars for Autumn 2022 will be held on Thursdays of even weeks at 1pm in Theatre B of Maths. The schedule at present is:

September 22nd: Colva Roney-Dougal and Chris Jefferson

October 6th: Ruth Hoffman and Alan Logan

October 20th: Saul Freedman and Ozgur Akgun

November 3rd: Jendrik Brachter (TU Darmstadt)

November 17th: TBA

December 1st: Michael Young and Peter Cameron