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I am a half-time Professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, and an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London.


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A problem

Let k be a positive integer, and I a subset of {0,…, k−1} such that neither I nor its complement is empty. For n ≥ 2k+1, let G(n,k,I) be the graph whose vertex set is the set of k-subsets of {1,…n}, two subsets joined if the cardinality of their intersection is in I.


Show that, with finitely many exceptions, G(n,k,I) has clique number and chromatic number equal if and only if there exists t < k such that

Remark The second bullet point above gives the divisibility conditions necessary for the existence of a Steiner system S(t,k,n). According to the recent result of Peter Keevash, these conditions are also asymptotically sufficient. This fact will be relevant for the proof!

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